NIANTIC, Ill. (WCIA) — Most farmers are taking advantage of good planting weather this week. One farmer though needs it more than most.

Ted Maddox said that he needs this weather for more than just a week to have his sweet corn last through the year. he has to plant his corn at different times so it can last through August.

But bad weather can affect how much corn he is able to sell.

“It’s been a wet, cold year and wet is one thing and cold is another, but when you mix cold and wet together it’s not a good mix,” Maddox said. “Especially when we’re trying to get our sweet corn out to hit the 4th of July market.”

Maddox said his farm usually has corn available for the 4th of July once every 10 years. Other farmers were so busy taking advantage of the weather they didn’t have time to stop and talk.