Farmers finally in the fields

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PHILO, Ill. (WCIA) — Things came to a halt after farmers got some field work done in the middle of March. Snow and rain in April threw a wrench into planting season.

But, after weeks of waiting, they’re finally out in full force. Things got off to a rough start after Central Illinois saw the second coldest April on record.

“Then, the weather hit and the snows came and I was wondering if we were going to be able to do anything in April.”

But then things started looking up.

“We’ve been putting in some long days, but we’ve had a good run so far.”

It’s that time of year again and farmers say this planting season looks promising. Dick Miller farms hundreds of acres. So far, he’s planted his corn. Next on the list is beans.

“We need windows to be able to work and then we can always use rain.”

But, not too much. Right now, he says the soil is in pretty good shape despite some clods which formed from the rain.

“They break up, but it’s not breaking up with the cultivator too well.”

Weather isn’t the only thing farmers have to worry about. They also have to stay safe when they’re out in the fields.

“The equipment is large and takes a lot of room to go down the road and the visibility sometimes, we don’t see you until you’re right up on us.”

The hope now is the rest of the season plays out, but Miller says this year has proven it can be a toss up.

“No matter how nice you start, Mother Nature can control the outcome.”

It will take some farmers another two weeks to get planting done. They’re hoping for a little rain this month to get the growing process started.

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