Farmers clarify ‘Dirty Dozen’ report

Local News

ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Some farmers want to clear the air about an annual report after it released information saying 70 percent of fresh produce sold in the United States has pesticide residue. 

The Environmental Working Group has listed its fruits and vegetables most likely to have pesticides left over, even after it’s washed.

WCIA checked in with the Illinois Farm Bureau which says even with this information the produce is still good to eat.

The pesticides aren’t dangerous because the levels are low.

While the information is meant to inform consumers, those in the agriculture community say it causes more harm than good.

The regulatory industries are very good in the United States at making sure that pesticides are used judiciously and responsibly. Out here the FDA comes out and takes samples, and they always come back good that we’re safe, that we’re producing a safe product. People need to understand that their food supply is safe in the United States, states Curtis Orchard co-owner, Randy Graham.

He says research continues to help farmers find safe practices, and he hopes it continues in the future at places like the University of Illinois.

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