Farmer warns of improperly removed posts

Local News

DEWITT COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — A local man has a message for farmers and it could end up saving them money.

Clarke Westen says he noticed posts in the ground which had not been removed properly. He’s concerned it could end up damaging expensive farm equipment.

Westen says he was coming home one day when he heard something from a neighbor which bothered him.

“The wind farm was coming around and they were taking up their construction signs. I talked to another farmer and he made me aware that they were just cutting the posts off. They weren’t pulling them.”

He noticed the signs in his yard had also been cut off. He says it can be a problem.

“Eventually, over our winters, the frost will heave the posts up out of the ground. The way they cut these off, they’re cut off at an angle. They’re not actually cut straight either, so they’ll go into a tractor tire a lot easier.”

Westen contacted the road commissioner and says the wind farm agreed to come pull them up, but he says, unless the posts were clearly marked or easy to spot, they may not get pulled from the ground.

“I’m a little hesitant on whether they will get all the posts. I think they may be hard to come back and find them now.”

No one from the Macon County Highway Department could be reached for comment. A message on Facebook from the Macon County Highway Department says they apologize and are working to resolve the issue. Westen says anyone who notices posts in the ground should contact the road commissioner for help.

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