Farmers fight flooded fields

Local News

MOULTRIE COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Farmers are trying to salvage crops after recent rains. They’ve been working for days shoveling away water before it takes a toll on their fields.

Parts of the county sustained heavy flooding Wednesday. Streets and homes took on water; fields were impacted too. Water was a foot deep in at least one cornfield.

Farmers are mentally exhausted from having to deal with the water yet again. It’s been a season of highs and lows for area farmers.

Just when they thought they were in the clear, the unexpected occurs.

“Another rain moves in and it just kind of took you for another ride.”

“We’ve been draining water so we can plant the farms and we’ve been draining water to get the crop emerged and now draining water so we can get it taller.”

Aaron Gingerich works at Gingerich Farms. Over the last week, they’ve gotten about 4 – 6 inches.

“You take a small shovel and you cut a little trench into that and it will allow the water to run.”

The goal is to get water flowing from the fields down to the ditch so they can keep as many crops as possible from dying. With more rain in the forecast, farmers wonder what’s next.

“The next concern would be it would turn off dry. It quits raining and turns off dry.”

“Just make the best decision you can every day and see where it goes.”

Two other farmers in the area say it’s something they’ve had to do as well.

One started the process last week. Once water starts draining, it could take anywhere from 12 hours to a full day to see results.

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