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DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Seven shows have been dry in Progress City, but this one is a bit wet around the edges. The Monday morning rain put a hold on field demonstrations Tuesday, but hundreds of exhibitors have new and exciting technology that could be just what your farm needs.

The exectutive editor of Farm Progress publications, Willie Vogt has a checklist this year of what not to miss.

“I would say the first thing I would think about is what am I trying to accomplish in my operation, and if you are looking for higher yield you need to go to the seed companies,” Vogt said. “There is a lot going on it that area, both with the Bayer side, Pioneer, BASF now in soybeans, that’s a big change, and also Stine is here and they are doing some interesting work with narrow rows, short stature corn, by the way which Bayer has a long term development program on too.”

“The other thing is seed-applied technologies,” Vogt added. “Pioneer is rolling out something called lumigen which is a new package for their corn seed. They have a similar program for their soybeans with some interesting pieces to it. And understanding that when you are buying seed is going to be important because of the pest profiles, what are you seeing this year and that.”

“Now let’s talk about the irons side of this business,” Vogt said. “Five new tractor brands or families coming out this year, one we already knew about from Louisville, and that would be the AFS Magnum from Case IH which is pretty exciting and what people want to check out at the Case booth for that. The other side of it is the new Fendt 900, you’ve got the new Kubota M8, the new tractor from versatile and the official launch of the Axion tractor series the 800 and 900 from Claas. In addition to that Claas has a new combine, the new 7000 and 8000 series, so if you are looking at equipment.”

“And we go back to the crop protection you want to get a sense of what is going on with Enlist, the Enlist E-3 technology from Corteva, and then on the other side what is going on with Bayer, with Xtend Roundup ready with Xtend for the next year because that is that Dicamba technology,” Vogt says.” And you need to understand how these tools are going to work in your operation. So I have given you a few things, but of course in between 500 other shortliners and many of them have new things that might make your farm more efficient.

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