Family warns others after dog is poisoned

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ELLIOTT, Ill. (WCIA) — A dog died after its family says it ate rat bait and they want the person responsible stopped.

The Ford County family learned its dog was sick last year. It wasn’t until October they saw rat bait in their yard. They tried to warn people on social media, then learned other families are going through the same thing.

The Clements family lost its oldest dog, Jack, after learning he ate rat bait which was put in their yard.

“I noticed they were both hovering over something, so I went over and that’s when I noticed that it was rat poisoning again,” says Ryan Clements.

On three different occasions, the Clements family found rat bait on its property. 

“It makes me quite angry that you have the nerve to just come on our property,” states Ryan.

Months after getting into the poison, Jack died of kidney failure. 

“It was a punch in the gut when we realized because somebody poisoned him,” says Katie Clements.

The Clements are worried about one of their youngest pup, Jojo. 

“Hopefully we caught it early enough we don’t have to stay three days at an emergency vet clinic,” says Ryan.

It’s not just the family pets the Clements are worried about. They have a child who also plays in the backyard. Since they heard this could be happening to other families, they’re worried for the worst.

“Some parents, they wouldn’t necessarily watch them every second. It takes a baby a second to put something in their mouths,” says Katie.

Caroline Tonozzi is a clinical assistant professor in the Veterinary Clinical Medicine Department at the University of Illinois. If a family pet is poisoned, the owners have to act quickly.

“The earlier we try to get to it the better. There’s green and should be seen by a vet,” says Tonozzi.

The Clements hope the day will never come and they hope the person responsible is caught. 

“I want to make sure nobody else goes through what we’ve been through and I don’t want any other dogs to go through what he went through,” states Katie.  

If you think your dog has been poisoned, there are symptoms to watch for. They include loss of appetite, muscle tremors and seizures, just to name a few. 

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