Family pleads for return of missing device

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — An area family is asking for help. Their son, who has autism, went on a field trip with a new device which helps him speak. But, just two hours after getting it, it was gone.

His mom is asking anyone who may have seen it to help get it returned. She says she worked for more than a year with insurance to get the device.

MTD says it has video of him with it on the bus and when he gets off, but the school called his mom a little while later to tell her it went missing.

“I want chips.”

“Good job buddy.”

Treyvion’s mom calls this his lifeline.

“He’ll say what he wants. If he’s going to say, ‘My name is Treyvion,’ it’ll say it for him because, like I said, he’s completely non-verbal.”

He’s severely autistic and can’t speak. This iPad does it for him.

“Pretty much anything he wants, he uses his tablet for him. If he wants a snack or is hungry, not feeling good, that’s how he communicates it to us.”

But, this iPad isn’t his.

“I want cheese.”

It’s being loaned to him from Edison Middle School after his personal device went missing. He’d only had it two hours.

“They went on a field trip to Ruler Foods and pretty much didn’t know if it was left on the MTD bus or left in the store.”

Jones says the school told her she can have it until they can help her come up with a new one. Before the iPad, she had to rely on touching to talk to her child.

“If he wants cereal, he’ll put my hand on it. If his head is hurting, he’ll rub his hand on my head.”

Jones was ready to finally communicate with her son and now she’s scared she won’t get to.

“I get emotional about it every time I talk about it because it’s a $4,000 tablet. I’m a single parent. I don’t have that kind of money laying around.”

She says the iPad is really of no use to someone who doesn’t have a disability. It only has the app for Treyvion’s disability and she just wants it returned.

“If there is somebody out there who has it and don’t know who it belongs to, it belongs to my son, Treyvion.”

Neither the school district nor Ruler Foods wanted to comment.

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