CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — The press conference for this afternoon has been canceled. An attorney for the family, Steve Beckett, says the Zhang family is not comfortable holding it without an interpreter in the area. It will be rescheduled for sometime next week.

Beckett says Zhang’s family met with prosecutors on Thursday, July 25. Christensen was sentenced to life in prison on July 18 for kidnapping and killing Zhang in June 2017.

The family was told the defense lawyers had given information to the government under a grant of immunity.

Beckett says, according to their information, tracing what Christensen said he did with the remains would lead someone to believe they’re in a landfill in Vermilion County.

The University of Illinois Police Chief Craig Stone gave several comments to WCIA today regarding his thoughts on the Christensen case. Stone said his department had a “true dedication” to duty when they were investigating it. He says he had to force officers to go home because they were so dedicated.

Stone referred to Zhang’s killing as a “horrific crime” and said he was happy that Christensen won’t be able to re-offend. Stone added that the university is continuing to find ways to make international students comfortable with coming to campus.

They are working  to strengthen their relationship with international students to educate them on U.S. culture. Stone wouldn’t share an opinion on the trial but thanked MTD for being instrumental in the investigation by utilizing their elaborate camera system. He said Christensen’s defense team couldn’t attack the witnesses because of the great job investigators did.