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GIBSON CITY, Ill. (WCIA) — The Gibson City Melvin Sibley football team is going to the state championship for the very first time and people are rallying behind them.

Several Central Illinois schools are playing in big games this week. G-C-M-S has never been to state before, so this is a big deal for the players. But it’s just as exciting for the fans who cheer them on.

Every football team needs a team of fans to cheer them on. But there’s one man in Gibson City that’s been there for them since the beginning.

“My goodness, I’ve been a fan all my life.”

For 91 years, Doug Hager has been a G-C-M-S fan, especially when it comes to football.

“I like to complain about the refereeing…hahaha no not really.”

But all jokes aside….

“We weren’t suppose to win. Big underdogs, but we showed them.”

And he couldn’t be more proud. For the first time ever, the falcons are going to the state championship.

“You never know if you’re going to win or lose. It went down to the wire.”

“It was exhilarating. I didn’t feel comfortable until I looked up at the clock. I was watching the countdown…5,4….”

Three, two, and then they won the game. Fans were in the stands when it hit them, now it’s off to state.

“It was nothing but smiles and tears and excitement all in one breath.”

But as for the falcon’s long time super-fan, this old timer says he can’t go to the championship game. So they’re bringing the game to him.

“I’m just a 91 year old man who’s a great big fan and he’s trying to help me to watch Gibson City.”

As they play to win it all, Hager will be watching the game live on the iPad they gave to him. At the championship, falcon pride will be in the hearts of their biggest fans whether their watching from the stands or cheering them on at home.

G-C-M-S will play Maroa Forsyth at 1 on Friday. 

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