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CHAMPAIGN COUNTY — Running the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon takes a lot of training – which can be hard to do when you have a big family. Things are made easier, though, when your family is in on the fun.

That’s the case for Heather Domsky. If you had asked her if she’d be running marathons when she in high school? She would probably have answered with something like this: “I ran in high school and hated it … Maybe because I had to do it, I don’t know,”

Fast forward a decade or so and running has become a family affair.

“It wasn’t until after I had a son and I guess got older I actually enjoyed it,” she says.

Six years ago, Domsky and her mom decided to start running together. It was just a way to hang out and get some exercise. “Mom thought I was crazy at first,” she says. Despite that, the pair had an impressive start, “Mom and I did 13 5k races that year – just about every weekend, almost … I kind of turned her into a runner after that and she’s been running ever since,” says Domsky.

The mom-daughter duo have kept up their running, doing a few races every year. Now, Domsky is training for the half at this year’s Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon. The run will be her second half ever. In between training, she’s also been busy at home with three little ones. She had two of them just 14 months apart.

“I kind of  turned my husband into a runner now – he was not a runner. After I had my son in July we both started taking turns as a getaway and we both wanted to get our fitness back together,” says Domsky.

Domsky says running has changed her family.

“We found Jesus, like, our quality of life has improved so much within the last six months. We’re all a little happier because mom’s a little happier so running for me is a little bit of my sanity,” she says. And knowing that she has three little fans to come home to makes her run a little faster.

In addition to the half, Domsky is running the Friday night 5k with her mom and sister. She will run the half with her husband and she’s hoping to cross the finish line in under two hours.

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