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SHELBY COUNTY — When you explore the trails along the shore of Lake Shelbyville, it is easy to be enticed to slow down and watch the scenery. However, for one Shelby County man, sitting still isn’t something he is interested in.  Gary Davis first began running long distances about ten years ago, and since then it has become a major part of his life. 

“I went to my first race and while I was running I thought I really am enjoying this. This is great!” says Davis 
It was the energy and excitement of running that prompted him to keep going and complete the Christie Clinic Illinois Half Marathon. However, in 2014, a major health scare almost sidelined him permanently from racing. It came after he experienced unusual pain in his collar bone and wrist while training. 
“I just decided to stop right then and I told my wife something is wrong.” says Davis 
After visiting a heart specialist, it was determined that Davis had an artery that was 97% blocked. He immediately underwent surgery to remove the blockage. Following the procedure, his thoughts went right back to the race. After undergoing cardiac rehab and performing well on all follow-up medical tests, his doctor cleared him to run the half marathon. Being able to cross the finish line was an experience Davis says was incredible. 
“I count my blessings everyday. Every time I run.” Davis Says 
Proof that when it comes to running, Gary Davis is one man who won’t let anything keep him on the sidelines. 

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