EpiPen shortage hitting Central Illinois has people concerned

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Many people across the U.S. and Central Illinois are having problems getting ahold of EpiPens.

They can be life-saving for those with serious allergies. 

Last year there was a shortage because of the pen device, but now, it’s a shortage with the actual drug.

Epinephrine is what you might use if you’re extremely allergic to bees, peanuts, medication, or anything.

Now, experts say two of the companies that make it are having trouble doing so.

Right now they’re trying to get the Food and Drug Administration to elevate it from a spot shortage to a nationwide one. That would increase the amount of help those companies get to boost production.

For now, medical experts say you still have a few options if you really need to get ahold of the drug.

“AUVI-Q is probably the best option now, if you want to keep going with EpiPen which is completely fine, I would recommend going with the customer service line through EpiPens website, and they’ll let you know where there supplies are now,” Amy Jessup said.

Jessup says this seems as if it should be a short term problem.

One group says hundreds of people have reported being unable to get the medication in the last week. Those reports have been spread across 45 states. 

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