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Man says restaurant employee used his card information for purchases

URBANA, Ill. (WCIA)–Many people never expect to become the victim of credit card fraud when they pick up a bite to eat. “I usually do feel safe because I’m just going through the drive thru and nothing seems to stand out to me to where I shouldn’t feel safe using my card,” said Hannah Bell. However, that feeling of security has changed a bit for Hannah Bell after hearing what may have happened to someone else. This past Saturday an employee at Mcdonald’s was accused of using his cell phone to take a picture of a customer’s card information. A manager at that Mcdonald’s says the incident was caught on their surveillance camera, and says it appears as if the employee used a phone to take a photo of the card.

“That makes me question whether I want to use my credit or debit card around this area anymore,” said Bell. The viewer who says his information was compromised reached out to us and said after he left the restaurant he found charges from H&M, Gamestop, Finish Line, Gopuff and Venmo. That McDonalds employee was fired. Police say there are steps you should take if something like this happens to you.

“Immediately call the credit card company or the bank to get a hold on their account,” said Joseph Mccullogh with the University of Illinois Police Department. Then call police so they can find the person who did it. If you’re giving information by phone or through the internet, “You’re calling them. You know who you’re providing it to and that you verify those sources,” said Mccullogh “Make sure that their information is being given to the right person and not in the wrong hands.”

The manager at Mcdonald’s says she is telling her employees to keep customers’ cards visible, so it can be seen during the transaction. The manager says they are doing what they can to make sure their customers’ information stays safe.

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