Eggs thrown at car from overpass

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OAKWOOD, Ill. (WCIA) — A woman says eggs were hurled at her car and hit her windshield when she was driving on the interstate. It happened about 10:30 pm, Saturday, in the westbound lanes of I-74 just past the Oakwood exit.

The Harris family says eggs were thrown at them from an overpass. They smeared across her windshield so she couldn’t see where she was going. Nobody was hurt but they made sure to file a police report so whoever did this can be held accountable. 

Cheri Harris says, “You never think it’s going to happen to you, but it did. We then realized we had been hit by an egg from the overpass. We couldn’t see anything. We hit the windshield wipers and we thought the windshield was coming in at us. We had no clue if it was broken.” 

Panicked and worried for her family’s safety, she says she pulled over to the edge of the interstate. 

“I called 911 to report it and they had an officer come out.” 

After it happened, she still can’t understand why someone would do this.

“Just stop, it’s not funny, it’s not cute, it’s not a game. People’s lives are in danger. We’re very grateful it was just an egg and the windshield didn’t break. But anything could happen and somebody’s life could’ve been killed.” 

After calling the police, she called her insurance agent. He says this isn’t the first time he’s heard of people throwing things from overpasses onto cars. 

Herold Vogelzang said, “A farmer had his daughter killed that way with a brick dropped from an overpass. It’s just surprising how cowardly people can be to entertain themselves that way.” 

The same shock is still ringing through Cheri Harris’ mind. 

“In the part of the road we were at, there’s enough cars that we could’ve caused a mass pile up and massive deaths and it’s not funny.” 

Harris says she wanted to share what happened to her family hoping this would get people to understand how dangerous this can be and to encourage people to report things like this so police can investigate. 

State police didn’t provide any information about an investigation at this time. 

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