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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — After nearly forty years, we will get to see an eclipse at the end of the summer.

It’s been even longer for those living in Illinois.

Astronomers say it’s been 148 years since there’s been a total solar eclipse here.

History will soon be made as Illinois prepares for the first total solar eclipse since the late 1800s.

“This is the first total eclipse that has been visible form the continental United States in 38 years and it’s the first total solar eclipse visible in Illinois for 148 years.” 

Bryan Dunne spent time with the students of Wiley Elementary school in Urbana. He taught them about what an eclipse is, and why this one is so rare.

“Something you can easily see if you’re in totality but just an amazing site you get a chance to see the sky get very abruptly dark a little cooler, animals will actually start a night time routine.” 

Students listened as Dunne showed them what the eclipse will look like. 

“I like learning about the universe because we live in it, and I like knowing about it.” 

“I was interested in writing about space and so I’ve always been interested in wanting to learn about it.” 

We asked Dunne if people living near Champaign will get to see it. And he says not in it’s full extent, but it will still be a site to see.

“Here in Champaign it’s going to get about 93 percent covered so we’re still going to have about 7 percent of the suns disk visible.” 

Something the kids are really excited for is to get a pair of eclipse glasses. And Dunne says if they plan to watch it they’ll need to be wearing them.

“You do need to be prepared and have some proper equipment like eclipse glasses.” 

Students say they don’t want to miss it.

“I’m excited to see it because it’s my first time ever seeing an eclipse.” 

The U of I wants you to know there is one place to visit during an eclipse.

They say that’s Goreville, and it’s one of the best places to see the eclipse in the us. It’s about 3 hours south of here.

There is an event going on for those interested in attending. Click here for more information.

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