CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) —  Schools in the area are making a new investment to stop kinds from getting sick.

The new device aims to clean classrooms in a way other methods don’t while preventing the spread of germs. It’s called an electro-static sprayer, or e-sprayer for short.

The developers say the idea to use it is becoming contagious, in a good way!

Thanks to a grant, Eater Junior High School, in Rantoul, just got one of its won. It’s something Shannon Clark says she felt passionate about because she didn’t want to see sickness wipe out students and teachers as much as it has in the past.

“Using this, with the right disinfectant, we are hoping to be able to next year, not have as many absences.”

Staff say they see this as a proactive approach so people aren’t at as high a risk of catching things like the flu or norovirus. The developers say it will save custodians time and increase efficiency.

“As it goes across an object or a surface, it wraps around the whole entire surface, so you’re able to get to places where you can’t normally get with a spray bottle or a disposable wipe.”

Especially with the recent nasty flu seasons, staff hope this device will start making a difference so they can keep school running smoothly.

St. Joseph Grade School and Rantoul High School also use this in addition to Champaign, Mahomet, Tuscola and Monticello schools. They say this device will also reduce the risk of cross-contamination.