Drug so strong trace amounts could kill

Local News

CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — A drug 100 time more potent than fentanyl is claiming lives around the country. 

But some police in Central Illinois say they haven’t seen it yet. It’s called carfentanil.

Champaign police say there is no evidence of it being in the area and they won’t know if it’s here until they test drugs after an overdose.

The drug is similar to fentanyl, just .02 milligrams can cause a deadly overdose, compared to 2 milligrams of fentanyl.

Police who haven’t dealt with this drug before plan on taking the same approach as with fentanyl, but there are some differences.

“With a greater potency, it may take more Narcan. You would want to have a quicker response if someone who would be suffering the side effects or being induced into some sort of overdose. They would want to react considerably quicker,” David Griffet says.

Carfentanil is used on large animals like elephants and can be mistaken for cocaine or heroin. The drug is just as dangerous for first responders. They have to use more caution than they would when handling fentanyl. 

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