Drivers still take risks near railroads

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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — State Police are enforcing patrols during Railroad Safety Week. The annual event gives them a chance to remind people to follow the rules of railroad crossings.

Police find people still aren’t following the rules. They say they still find people occasionally driving around gates or doing other things to violate the law at rail grade crossings.

Only Texas has more railroad crossings than Illinois. Once a gate starts going down, it’s only 20-seconds before the train is at the crossing. Authorities say risking it isn’t worth it.

Not only should you not walk on the tracks, but you shouldn’t be within three feet of them; it’s where the train’s overhang is.

Illinois had more than 20 trespassing deaths in 2016. It’s best to stay away from railroad tracks and follow the rules when you do encounter them.

Blue signs with a special phone number were legally required to be installed near every track by September 1, 2017. The phone number is to call to stop the train.

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