Downtown’s changing landscape

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Another downtown restaurant is set to close.

Tuesday, Destihl announced it would be moving from its location on the corner of Main and Neil to Carle at the Fields. It’s not the first area business to close.

Business leaders say it’s just the dynamic and is how the restaurant industry works. They say, overall, downtown is still growing fairly quickly.

“While we are disappointed to see Destihl move out of downtown, but also really happy about the opportunity that they bring Champaign Fields, where they will be an anchor tenant.”

Genevieve Kirk is the executive director of the Champaign Center Partnership. It supports 130 area businesses. Destihl has been on the corner of Main and Neil for about eight years.

“This is an opportunity for another locally-owned business to move into this great space.”

The brewery and restaurant isn’t planning to move until summer of 2020, but Kirk says it’s not a doom and gloom situation.

“There’s always a lot of change for the restaurant industry and downtown Champaign is definitely evolving.”

Several new bars and restaurants have moved in during the last six months, including Collective Pour, Pour Brothers, Sticky Rice and others. For people like Adani Sanchez, she’s excited to have places to go.

“It’s been great because there’s so many options. Where do you want to eat and drinks or we’re going to see a movie at the Art, with dinner nearby, so it’s really frustrating we’re losing another option.”

Sanchez has worked downtown for five years and always enjoyed Radio Maria and Destihl. She says Destihl’s new planned location at Carle at the Fields isn’t accessible to her.

“It was really frustrating to hear about Destihl because this is a place where I spend a lot of time.”

But, Kirk says, in its prime downtown spot, a new business will likely step in to fill the space.

“We’re excited to have new restaurants come into downtown creating a vibrant space and we look forward to what the future holds with this great space right here in the heart of downtown Champaign.”

She says a lot of growth and development has already happened in the last decade-and-a-half. They don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon with more construction projects looming. 

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