Do you have solar eclipse glasses?

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — If you’re planning on watching the solar eclipse, you need to pick up a pair of solar eye glasses.

It’s commonly known that staring at the sun can cause permanent eye damage. These special glasses prevent that from happening when you watch the eclipse. You can buy them online or get a pair at the Staerkel  Planetarium in Champaign. They only cost a couple dollars. But here’s why scientists are suggesting you get them.

“If you put on sunglasses and you open your eyes and look at the sun you will go blind. That’s a bad thing so you have to be very careful with this and only use glasses that are certified so you can put them on and turn your eyes toward the sun and it doesn’t hurt your eyeballs.”

The eclipse will happen on August 21st. If you plan to buy a pair of solar glasses, make sure they’re certified. Some places are selling glasses that aren’t safe and could damage your eyes.

For a list of reputable glasses and viewers from the American Astronomical Society, click here.

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