Decatur schools staying virtual

Local News

DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Decatur Public Schools will be virtual through the end of the second quarter, December 18.

The district says their decision is in response to local numbers staying too high.

There were a lot of mixed opinions from parents. Some were disappointed about the news because they need to make accommodations for their kids for longer. But others, like Scarlet Wells, were happy and relieved. And it would be detrimental for her to catch COVID-19.

As a single mom, she has struggled at times keeping up with six kids learning from home, which makes her understand the parents wanting their kids to be back in the classroom. At the end of the day, she hopes there’s some way the schools can accommodate the learning needs for all types of families. “I do understand that a hybrid scenario would be great, so I just hope our school district does take into account all of those things, allowing the families some freedom of choice if needed for their specific situation.”

Decatur Schools said it is planning for some in-classroom learning for their third quarter. Of course, things can change but they are sticking with their virtual learning through the end of the second quarter–December 18.

Right now, Decatur families can opt into in-person learning, but only when it becomes available. Families can also choose on that form to remain learning from home.

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