DECATUR, Ill., (WCIA) — Decatur Police are putting in even more effort to make the roads safer. 

It comes after reading survey results from community members, and now, police said they’ve decided to start more aggressive traffic enforcement. 

Chloe Jancosek lives in Decatur and thinks it’s a good idea. 

“I just saw an accident right on my way here and I think it was because someone was texting and driving,” said Jancosek.

She said she’s glad police are cracking down on some of the leading causes of car crashes. Decatur Police said that includes both texting and speeding. 

“I think it holds us accountable for texting and driving, and it’ll prevent more accidents which is a good thing,” said Jancosek. 

In a Facebook post, Decatur Police said recently, it’s been more difficult to dedicate time and resources to traffic enforcement because of staffing. But after reading the survey results, that’s something they want to change. 

Police said the survey made them realize how concerned people really are when behind the wheel. They added that distracted driving is something cities see across the country. 

Mark Turnbo also lives in Decatur. 

“I see a lot of people texting, they’re not looking where they’re going,” he said. 

Turnbo said he welcomes these increased safety measures. 

“People just need to be more aware of people, pedestrians, people walking and people that are riding bikes,” he said. 

Police said their goal isn’t to write more tickets but to decrease dangerous driving and enforce DUI laws. 

In the post, they also encourage people to slow down, put down their phones and drive sober.