DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Shemuel Sanders has been working to help end gun violence for years now.
He’s been putting together events for the community, reaching out to youth, and providing resources.
That’s because Sanders said every time he hears about violence in any community it brings back memories of when it affected him.

Sanders said, “Every time I hear about gun violence I think of what happened to my daughter June 6th, 20-20.”

Late Thursday night Decatur police were called to a home invasion where two people were taken to the hospital. Just hours later Friday morning police say they responded to shots fired and then three shooting victims showed up at the hospital. Sanders said he’s ready for it all to come to an end.

“I know if we don’t do something soon it’s definitely going to continue to get out of control,” said Sanders

Sanders has been trying to find a solution to the violence for years.
He said it’s a problem for more than just Decatur.
So he organized a march later this month and he’s inviting all of central Illinois to participate.

Sanders said, “We are doing a stop the violence youth peace march. We really want to make a difference out here, and we are asking any other communities to come on board with us.”

He says just helping one person makes all the work and effort worth it.

“We just like I say want to make a difference one youth at a time,” said Sanders.

The march will be held on Saturday, May 28th. Sanders is expecting around 300 people. The march will start at 12 pm at Hess park near the intersection of Garfield and Martin Luther King jr. Drive in Decatur