CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Late summer and early fall months can be a deadly time for wildlife. The Urbana Park District is dealing with the problem after finding the bodies of several deer.

And the park is working with other groups to find out why.

Meadowbrook Park officials said people have nothing to worry about other than possibly coming across a deer carcass. They say the cause of death for deer is believed to be epizootic hemorrhagic disease, or EHD. It happens when deer drink stagnant water during a drought. The water often has gnats and midges that are deadly to the deer if they eat or drink them.

The Park District says people who come across a dead deer should contact them.

Officials will continue to partner with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the University of Illinois College Of Veterinary Medicine to run tests.

“Just want to stress again the disease that killed the deer is not harmful to people or pets,” said Park District spokesperson Mark Shultz. “They can still come to the park. They might notice a smell from the deer carcass, but they are not in danger.”

He said EHD is only a danger to animals like cattle, horses, goats, and deer.

Although park officials believe the cause is EHD, they are running tests to confirm that belief.