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Update: 4:10 pm, 9/12/17, Tuesday 

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) —  No one was hurt when a mobile home caught fire. It happened on Sandalwood, in the Shadowwood Mobile Home Park, just before noon.

Fire crews responded after police detectives drove by and saw smoke. Authorities say they think the fire broke out in the northeast part of the home, but the cause is unknown. No one was home at the time.

Ana Alencaster was just down the street when her neighbor’s mobile home went up in flames.

“I came outside because I saw the ambulance and the firemen and stuff.”

Then, she saw the fire.

“It was kind of big. It went to the tree.”

She says her mind immediately went to the people who live there.

“I was hoping nobody was home or like an animal or something because that would be so sad.”

Neighbors say a mother and her adult son live there. Police say both were at work when it happened.

“Initially, you guys probably heard there were some questions about where the occupants were. They have been accounted for. So, both occupants now are on scene and accounted for.”

Several neighbors were also on scene, watching as crews put out the flames.

“Some of the nearby homes were evacuated, just as a precaution. Some of the homes are a little close together here, with the wind conditions, we did go ahead and evacuate some of the nearby homes, but they have since returned, so they are now back in their residence.”

But, the family won’t be back in their home anytime soon. Several walls were burned down. Neighbors say they’re keeping the mother and son in their thoughts.

“I feel bad for him because he lost his home. He lost everything.”

When the woman who lives there saw the damage, she collapsed and was helped into an ambulance. 

Original: 12:20 pm, 9/12/17, Tuesday

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Crews are responding to a fire on Sandalwood.

Neighbors say the residents weren’t home when the fire broke out.

It’s not known if there are any injuries. The cause is not known yet either.


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