County offices moving further from crumbling tower

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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — As Bresee Tower continues to crumble, Vermilion County administrative offices are packing up and moving to a safer location. 

Right now, the county annex is connected to the tower, which is an empty, century-old building that’s been causing problems for years. 

The supervisor of assessments in Vermilion County moved into the old Federal Courthouse building Saturday, and the rest of the offices will follow in the weeks to come. The county board chair says they didn’t really have much of a choice on the move. 

For years, pieces of Bresee Tower have been falling off. The privately-owned building has been empty since 2005, and county and city officials say building care has long been an issue. 

“It’s becoming difficult to keep insurance on our building. We’ve got some maintenance problems with the old building, and really, with the tower vacant, it’s eventually going to become uninhabitable.”  

The county board chair says all the offices should be moved to their new homes by April. The courthouse they’re moving into is actually six years older than Bresee Tower, but it’s in much better condition. 

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