County board ramps up fight over gun rights

Local News

EFFINGHAM, Ill. (WCIA) — Members of the Effingham County Board voted on Monday to approve an ordinance that would declare any state, federal or international laws that infringe on the 2nd Amendment null and void.

“We thought it was time to step up a little bit, and we wanted to put a little bit more teeth into it,” Vice Chairman David Campbell explained.

The ordinance said local officers would be able to arrest outside law enforcement who try to uphold gun restrictions in Effingham County.

Campbell, who authored the ordinance, said he’s heard people call the new 2nd Amendment Preservation Act more “symbolic,” but he thinks it will be more than that because the county’s sheriff and state’s attorney will back the board up.

WCIA asked Campbell what he thought about State’s Attorney Brian Kibler’s comment that the ordinance might be seen as symbolic.

“If it is challenged and ever in court or anything like that, it’s never been tested,” Campbell said. “I don’t think he – nobody knows how it’s gonna go. I mean, like any law, if you don’t have a strong state’s attorney or a strong sheriff behind it, they may not even try to enact it, or, you know, protect it. I think Brian’s just saying that he isn’t sure if it does go to court, what would happen.”

Campbell said the ordinance came in response to recent state and federal legislation and actions. It follows a 2018 gun sanctuary resolution passed by the board.

“That was basically just kind of a warning shot to let the legislators know that we didn’t want our Second Amendment rights attacked,” Campbell said.

WCIA reached out to the Effingham County State’s Attorney’s office and Governor Pritzker’s office for responses to the ordinance. We have not heard back.

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