County board member calls for Mary Miller to apologize following Hitler comment

Local News

MATTOON, Ill. (WCIA) — A county board member is calling for Congresswoman Mary Miller to apologize after she said “Hitler was right on one thing” in a speech last week.

Rick Shook feels she should apologize directly to people in Coles County. Miller is from Oakland.

Shook feels Miller’s comments were hurtful to anyone who served in World War II. Shook’s father was a WWII veteran. He served in the army for eight years. Shook says Miller’s comments were an insult to anyone those who fought against Nazi Germany, especially those who came out of that fight with injuries.

“She needs to come to Coles County and talk to these people in Ashmore, Oakland, Mattoon and Charleston. These folks at the VFW in Mattoon and Charleston, American Legion in Mattoon and Charleston… and apologize,” Shook said.

Miller was caught on video making the comment. It was at a Moms for America rally. The quote came directly from a statement Hitler made at a Nazi party rally in 1935. Since Miller’s comments, other state and federal leaders from both parties have come forward asking miller to apologize and condemning her statement.

Miller has issued a public apology. She said she was sorry for any harm her words caused and that she regrets referencing one of the most evil dictators in history to illustrate the dangers outside influences can have on youth.

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