Counties hoping to partner for 911 upgrades

Local News

DEWITT AND PIATT COUNTIES, Ill. (WCIA) — Two counties are working on a partnership to share some costs of updating their 911 systems. 

The state requires counties to adopt the Next Generation 911 upgrades by 2020. Officials say it would let people do things like video-call and send photos, in addition to dialing 911 the traditional way.  

But to make it happen, Piatt and Dewitt counties need to update their equipment, which officials say costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s out of both counties’ price ranges, which is why 911 coordinators are hoping to partner so they can split the bill. 

“Our idea was to try to pool those resources together and share equipment,” said Tony Harris, Dewitt 911 coordinator. “To do that, we would have to build a network between the two counties, then we’d be sharing the equipment that would be needed to make this Next Generation 911 work.” 

Officials say counties would still have separate locations and employees. They’d just share a network to make the most of their resources. 

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