DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — A message at a restaurant is getting a lot of negative attention.

There’s a bumper sticker in Gross Burgers that says, “If you can’t read this, thank a Marine.” There is Arabic writing on the sticker.

Some say this message is offensive because it makes it seem like there’s something wrong with speaking Arabic–or we are protected from people who speak Arabic because of the Armed Forces.

The owner of Gross Burgers, Brad Gross, says the sticker was not meant to be offensive. “The bumper sticker has been in my restaurant for more than a decade from a Marine that served in Iraq. He brought it in and asked me to put it up, and I said sure go ahead and put it up and it’s been there for all these years,” says Gross. Despite recent flack about the sticker–Gross says a lot of people in the community have still been supportive.