Contractor accuses flooring customers

Local News

PAWNEE, Ill. (WCIA) — Thousands of people are reacting to a Facebook dispute between a contractor and his customers.

A floor coating contractor from Jacksonville is accusing a police officer and his wife– a non-profit director– of ripping him off for $4,000. In September, Joe Thomas applied a special epoxy coating to an Illini logo in Eric and Angela Bertoni’s garage.

They were out of town and Thomas posted pictures online. She saw them and shared them, even recommended his work to other customers. Then she got home and found problems. The surface was bubbling up, and filed an insurance claim.

That led to a five month review period. The insurance company ruled in her favor and her credit card company took the $1,200 downpayment back out of Thomas’s account. “I’ve never had anyone just rip you off like this,” said Thomas.

“I knew if I paid him in full, I’d never see him again,” said Angela Bertoni.

“They loved it, but once I started demanding final payment, they started nitpicking saying there was a leaf that blew in there and stuck in the urethane. Pull it out,” said Thomas.

“He was angry because we wouldn’t pay him until he came back to fix the job,” said Bertoni.

The family disputes Thomas’s Facebook story. They showed stacks of paperwork and video footage of his crew damaging their driveway. They insist their records are in order.

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