Contact wearers at risk of infection

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NATIONAL (WCIA) — Contact wearers, listen up; a rare eye infection could cost you your vision.

Researchers in London discovered rates of an infection called Acanthamoeba ketatitis tripled since 2011. The study was done in England, but the infection can develop in anyone, anywhere.

Dr. John Williams, OD, on staff at Carle, says people who “over wear” their contacts, especially around water, face the highest risk with this infection.

An amoeba from water can get into your eye and start feeding on it. To stay safe, you should take your contacts out around water and clean them regularly.

Dr. Williams says the infection is rare, but very serious. He’s seen one case in his career. Once you notice you have it, it can be too late. It can lead to blindness.

Every eye infection should be addressed quickly. Anytime you notice irritation, you should take your contacts out and go to the eye doctor as soon as possible.

To avoid infection, wash your hands before handling your contacts, always use new solution, take your contacts out when your faces comes into contact with water and only wear them as your doctor recommends.

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