Consumers still confident in Allegiant?

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NATIONAL (WCIA) — For some, Allegiant Airlines was an imperfect, but inexpensive way to fly. But, an alarming new report has many questioning their safety.

A 60 Minutes report found the airline had more than 100 serious mechanical problems within just 18-months. They include mid-air engine failure and flight control malfunctions.

The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, but flies out of six airports in the state. Abraham Lincoln Airport is just one of those. For many, the airline has been a more frugal option since 2002.

After Sunday’s reports, a spokesperson from the airport says he’s not too concerned. The arline only flies out of there twice a week. He says he only recalls, at the most, five Allegiant flight delays or cancellations due to malfunctions.

But, while seemingly low here, the rate of incidents nationwide, when it comes to Allegiant, is above average.

Now, the FAA is in the hot seat. The federal agency is responsible for monitoring airline safety, but it appears, when it comes to Allegiant, some cases were brushed under the rug.

Allegiant argues it’s in compliance with all regulations and blames many of the reported mechanical issues on older planes. Right now, it’s switching to newer models.

Springfield, Peoria, Belleville, Bloomington, Rockford and Moline all offer Allegiant flights. While some fliers say, never again, others believe things will turn around.

Some in Congress are calling on the Department of Transportation inspector general to launch an inspection to ensure the FAA is doing its job.

The spokesperson here says he can’t imagine Allegiant is getting a free pass from the FAA and says he’s confident the outcome of any audit will be positive.

So, no bridges burned on that end, but fliers may not be as trusting. 

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