Concerned taxpayers threaten second lawsuit

Local News

CHARLESTON, Ill. (WCIA) — A group of concerned taxpayers, already taking matters to federal court, say they might file a second lawsuit against Coles County.

This time last year, the Supervisor of Assessments published a notice of reassessment for all commercial and industrial properties in Mattoon Township. They’re expected to do the same for Charleston Township before the end of the month.

Last year’s publication is what kicked off the original dispute. When the Mattoon Township numbers came out, it was the first time those properties were reassessed for taxing purposes in 16 years.

A group of owners complained their new assessed values didn’t make any sense. Plus, the new tax rates were applied before the rest of the county could be reassessed, so they sued the county in federal court.

The lawsuit claims it was all a scheme by the county to find a way to give Mattoon schools a much-needed cash flow, and the way it was done violates property owners’ constitutional rights. They claim documentation shows the man who did those reassessments was hired illegally and is  unqualified.

The man was hired to reassess the other townships, so the Concerned Taxpayers of Coles County group says, if the county does publish the new reassessment numbers for Charleston Township, they will file a second federal lawsuit.

The county has declined to comment on the current lawsuit.

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