Compromise may be necessary for wind farm

Local News

PAXTON, Ill. (WCIA) — Residents and a wind farm company each got a little of what they wanted Tuesday.

The zoning committee approved a county ordinance regulating wind farms, but they had to make changes to do it. The original ordinance stated turbines had to be 1,500′, or three times the tip height, away. Residents said that still made them feel unsafe.

Several people spoke during public comments saying it’s too close. They urged the zoning committee to think about their residence. They spoke against the noise and shadows from the blades.

Several county board members decided to change the ordinance before voting yes. They finally approved it once it designated the new setback as 2,250′, or four times the tip height.

Residents seemed a little happier about the change.

The senior development manager of the wind farm company, Apex, said they’re disappointed. She said the original proposal already had safeguards, now they’ll have to repeat their due diligence to see if the new numbers will work.

The next vote will be made by the board of appeals which has 15-days once it’s notified fo the changes to schedule a public meeting.

Apex is currently working on more than 60 projects, four in Illinois including Hoopeston.

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