Company wins no bids in surplus property auction

Local News

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Nasty Joe’s didn’t win any bids in the county’s surplus property auction.

It means company representative, Brian Nastruz, doesn’t own any new parcels, but he does still own the Timberline Valley South neighborhood’s drainage ponds. He says his property tax bills no longer designate them as common areas. Now he’s claiming he has the right to fence them in.

The neighborhood’s homeowner’s association president says their lawyer insists they are common areas, and their newly-formed architectural control committee would reject plans for a fence. The association is meeting Monday to determine its next steps.

Last week, Champaign County Treasurer John Farney says Nastruz finally paid the first installment of his property taxes. He owns at least four properties in the county; the two drainage ponds, a strip of land fenced into an Urbana woman’s backyard and a fence in east Urbana. Nastruz owed about $1,100 in taxes for those parcels.

Farney says those were paid; a month after their due date. The auction ended July 6.

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