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SHELBYVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — IHI Turbo is planning a multi-million dollar expansion.

They’re putting about $40 million into their facility there. They’re also expected to hire nearly one hundred people by 2022.

City leaders say it’ll be a big boost for the entire area. They say demand for housing and shopping options will go up as a result, and so will the amount of money flowing into town.

“It’s really a great blessing here for the city of Shelbyville. The growth they’ve had over the last few years and the jobs they’ve added have been fantastic.”

Shelbyville Mayor Jeff Johnson says with IHI Turbo planning a $40 million investment, there are several reasons to be excited.

It’s a turbocharger company based out of Japan. They make engine parts for cars, trucks and other machines.

“Having a hundred jobs come to Shelbyville is a fantastic opportunity for the people here and the area.”

Those jobs mean more people will be living in town.

“It’s just another one of the spokes in the wheel in the city of Shelbyville with the manufacturing jobs, and the tourism and the service jobs that we have.”

Economic Development Council President Noel Bolinger says that means more spending.

“It will just add to the number of dollars spent in our community.”

Bolinger says it could be a signal to other companies looking to set up shop in the area as well. They’re hopeful for growth.

“The population has been 5,000 for 50 years, it hasn’t grown, we haven’t increased the population here, if we could get a five percent increase, another 250 people, another 10 percent that’s a significant increase for Shelbyville.”

And Johnson says in this scenario, there are only winners.

“It seems like the success they’ve had just keeps building on that and their momentum, and we’ve been lucky with our employers, a lot of them are expanding. It just creates a good environment for everybody in town and it just works out well for everybody.”

The mayor told me they’re also excited because of the work IHI Turbo has already been doing with the community.

Some of that work includes a program with the company HQ. It allows them to have a high school student exchange between Shelbyville and Japan.

This week IHI Turbo got a $2 million boost from a federal loan. It’ll help fund the 250,000 square foot expansion.

This is the third expansion for the Shelbyville plant.

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