Community rallies to support Shores family

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COLES COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Families who lived in the Shores Jewelry Store building are getting back on their feet with support from the community.

This is after a fire destroyed the building in Mattoon on Thursday night.

“I got a phone call from my dad saying the building was on fire which we had no idea,” Jason Shores.

Jason Shores, his fiance, Taylor Janes, and their 11 month old son Emmerson lived inside.

When they got the call about the fire they left immediately, leaving everything behind.

“I ran the halls of that pretty much since the day I was born. So, it kind of sucks just watching it all go. Everybody I evacuated out they didn’t know there was a fire going on. No one’s fire alarms were going off because there was no smoke on our floor,” states Shores.

“Whenever I was running I thought that we needed to get everybody else out so but then I realized I really needed to get outside so I went outside with the baby and my friend that was there as well,” says Janes. 

“She had nothing on her feet. The baby had no blanket, no jacket, no anything,” says Shores.

Now their friends have helped them start over with a benefit and much more.

“There are people out ther and people are all willing to come together when something happens,” says Tammy Bell, owner of Ike’s.

“Everybody’s stretched their arms out as wide as they can to help us out in anway possible and I can’t thank the community enough. Living in a small town is amazing because everybody’s willing to do all they can for you even if it’s something small. Everything helps when you lose everything,” says Jason Shores.

While everything went up in smoke and flames, they’re keeping positive.

“There’s sentimental items in there you won’t get back but I still have the people I love that made them sentimental to me so everything else is replaceable,” says Shores. 

With a strong support system, the Shores are ready for the next chapter.

“We’re building a house, I’m finishing school and I have a baby so there’s no time to sit around and sulk, so we’re moving on,” says Janes. 

They’re staying somewhere with limited space , so the benefit at Ike’s was the best time to get gifts from people. 

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