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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Community leaders are doing all they can to make their city a perfect spot for a casino. That includes Danville Area Community College.

We’ve heard about the thousands of jobs a casino could open up. Some of those positions would require people to have specific training. DACC it making it a goal to fill in those gaps.

DACC leaders say changes could easily be made to tailor it even more to the casino owner’s needs. Doing so would make the city the ideal spot for developers.

“The attractiveness is to go into a community that has a community college that’s nimble and ready to do whatever you need,” said Danville Area Community College President Dr. Stephen Nacco.

400 construction jobs, 800 workers, and 1,500 manufacturing jobs. We’ve all heard about the potential a Danville casino has, but who will be there to fill those positions? That’s a mission DACC leaders are willing to take on.

“We’ve got the foundation programs, but then it’s customizing it as part of what the casino owner sees as part of their operations,” said Nacco.

Classes already in place teach students about slot machine repair, accounting, and computer networking, but employment opportunities extend beyond the casino itself. That whole area is expected to see a boom.

“A casino right next to interstate 74 with 100,000 cars going by every day is going to attract a lot more than just casino. It’s going to be people who want to stay in hotels and people who want restaurant services,” said Nacco.

There are also areas you might not think of.

“You also have to keep in mind that there’s going to be a need for therapists to support people with gambling addictions,” said Nacco.

In just a week, applications from developers are due. Mayor Rickey Williams says they’ve gotten two so far. He’s optimistic that a site in Danville is an attractive idea for any developer or investor.

“Preliminary estimates show that they’ll receive Over 100 million dollars a year in additional revenue, so I think becoming a millionaire in a year or two sounds like a pretty good reason to come,” said Williams.

Williams says the casino will also be a great place to host large events. He says that’s a need in the community.

In a week, city leaders will evaluate which developer is best for the casino. From there, they will have to apply with the state gaming board. Those applications are due on October 28.

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