Commonly used road is permanently closed

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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Coake Street has been used for more than 100 years and now it’s permanently closed.

The street is blocked off because the bridge on the road isn’t stable. Public works says one of the bridge walls collapsed a couple weeks ago, either from natural causes or they say a car may have run into it. Now, it’s unsafe for cars to cross.

“It’s been deteriorating for several years.”

The bridge that runs over Koehn Creek is giving out.

“You can see that I can probably pull pieces of it out so that’s the concrete. I can break it into my fingers.”

The concrete is crumbling, and the steel support is cracking .Public works says it’s outlived it’s use.

“As water continues to deteriorate that rebar and concrete, we’ll continue to see portions of this bridge fail and as you can see to my right that it’s actually now missing. It’s not strong enough to even support a repair.”

Ray Garcia says the concrete wall on the side of the bridge fell off.

“Without that railing, no vehicular traffic will be allowed through here.”

That’s because there’s nothing to keep the cars on the road. Several neighbors say Coake Street was used by many people over the years.

“They would use that bridge from Meade Park School and the kids could be dropped off in the back right behind my house.”

While people are sad to see it go, the city says it would cost them thousands of dollars to repair it. That’s not in the budget. So they decided to close off the road altogether. 

“It’s just at the point of it’s useful life and at this point in time the concrete is going to continue to deteriorate due to water and just overall age.”

Adding to that, the bridge is so old that it doesn’t meet current flood standards anymore. It was built too low so when the creek running underneath it floods, it deteriorates the concrete even more.

An alternate route would be to go around on Vine Street. It does add a little bit of driving time but it will get you to the other side.

Public works says the road is also a popular illegal dumping site. They say since the road closure, they haven’t had any problems with that in the area.

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