SADORUS, Ill. (WCIA) – A cold air funnel was spotted near Sadorus on Saturday evening.

The funnel formed under a weak updraft of a storm and was highly visible across parts of Central Illinois. WCIA received several reports and photos online and over the phone of the funnel.

An additional pair of funnels was spotted along US-36 between Metcalf and Hume in Douglas County.

Another report of a funnel came in from near Decatur. All of the funnels happened close between 6:30p and 7:30p.

Normally a boundary will be in place to help these form, but in this case there was no observed boundary in place and no storms detected on radar. Still, at least 6 funnel clouds have been reported to WCIA.

Cold air funnels form beneath weak updrafts, showers and thunderstorms when the air aloft is especially cold. They can be common after a cold front and are most likely in the afternoon and evening during peak heating hours.

Cold air funnels rarely touch down, but if they do they can cause brief, weak damage, lasting no more than a few minutes.