GIBSON CITY, Ill. (WCIA) — An increase in property tax bills in Gibson City was an accident, according to Ford County Clerk and Recorder Amy Frederick.

The number of affected home and business owners was left unclear Monday in a statement Frederick sent to reporters following questions.

At least four homeowners told WCIA 3 that they saw a $300-$400 increase in the taxes owed on the annual bill from the county. They cited a number of neighbors and other residents in the same boat.

In a Facebook post last Monday, Gibson City Mayor Dan Dickey said city officials “became aware that the Gibson City portion of the property taxes were greatly increased on the property tax bills that some received today.”

“We can assure you we did not raise rates and haven’t for many years,” Mayor Dickey continued.

Frederick said her office sent the estimated assessed valuations (EAVs) to the city for approval, which “inadvertently included approximately $232,714.00 that the City previously abated.”

“I apologize to the taxpayers of Gibson City, and I along with other county offices and representatives of Gibson City are working to resolve this matter in a timely manner,” Frederick’s statement concluded.

Gibson City officials in a press release posted to Facebook said Friday that the first installments of the property tax payments are due September 23rd.

Full statement from Ford County Clerk and Recorder Amy Frederick