City suspends bar’s liquor license following series of 911 calls

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill (WCIA)– A Champaign bar’s liquor license was suspended after a series of 911 calls over the last four months.

As the city’s liquor commissioner, Mayor Deb Feinen deemed Clark Bar an “immediate threat to the welfare of our community.”

The bar owner(s) got a letter Tuesday detailing the charges, including being a public nuisance, disturbing the peace, and disorderly practices.

Clark Bar is located on W Clark St between State and Randolph Streets.

In a statement on Facebook, Clark Bar said this was based on six police calls. The statement said just one of these calls was over a disturbance on the bar’s property.

WCIA 3 spoke with a frustrated neighbor who lives about a block from the bar. He said the commotion is generally coming from outside.

Although, he said there have been more calls made to police, adding, dozens come from his building every weekend, specifically when the bar is open.

“I don’t feel safe sometimes taking the trash out when that bar is open,” shared the neighbor. For safety reasons, he asked that his name be left out of this article.

He sent this video taken on his cell phone. You’re looking at the Clark and State Streets parking lot, and the street directly in front of the bar (W Clark St). The smoke was from cars doing burnouts, something the neighbor said happens regularly.

The issue is not Clark Bar, according to him, it’s the blacklight bar beneath it: Glow bar. He said he believes if that part shut down things would improve.

“I have my air conditioning running, I have an air filter going and I can hear the noise from the bar, so it’s very loud,” he added. “Our building shakes continuously from 11 until 2 in the morning, maybe 3 in the morning, because of all of the vehicles playing their music.”

A shooting in a parking lot across the street from the bar sent a man to the hospital in late August. Since September, the City of Champaign has been closing the lot at Clark and State on Friday evenings through the weekend.

The frustrated neighbor said that has made a difference but he added, now, the disturbance has just moved into the street.

The owner would not comment on the complaints or the order from the city.

WCIA 3 called Champaign police to ask more about the nature and frequency of those 911 calls. We did not hear back as of Friday night.

The city’s communications manager Jeff Hamilton said the liquor license, which includes both Clark Bar and Glow Bar, is suspended until Tuesday. An emergency hearing is scheduled then.

Clark Bar is open Friday and Saturday night, according to Facebook, but it will not be serving alcohol or allowing video gambling.

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