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DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — A group has a plan to bring more life to the area.

“We had always wanted to find that right formula to make things more beautiful than they already were.”

Now, she thinks they’ve got the answer. For the first time ever, the city was entered into the America in Bloom Competition. Ellen Hearn is the chair.

“America in Bloom is a national contest that is focused on helping communities learn how to beautify and the competition between the communities really creates the energy that is necessary to make things happen.”

They’re competing against cities from across the country. There are two judges in Decatur and the group is stopping at about 50 locations in the community.

“Many of these spots were chosen based on their upkeep of their landscapes, but also helping us to earn points on the evaluation forms that the judges use.”

People who helped with the competition say it was a community effort.

“We’ve had volunteers form all over the community stepping up their game and taking part in picking up litter, cleaning up our highways and improving their landscapes, both businesses and residents alike.”

But, all the work isn’t done yet. They still need the community’s help.

“Any time you see trash, anywhere in this community, stop, check for safety and pick it up.”

Judging ends Friday. An awards ceremony is held in September. Decatur is competing against Athens, Ohio, Catskill, New York, Lewisburg, West Virginia and more.

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