City looks to improve sidewalks

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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — The city plans to apply for IDOT’s Safe Routes to school grant which would improve sidewalks and bike routes around the Fairchild, Griffin, and English Streets area. 

The city did some research and found out the Northeast Elementary Magnet and Mark Denman Elementary Schools both use the sidewalks a lot. 

That’s why they say this area needs some upgrades. 
People who live there agree.

“There are gaps in the sidewalk and grass has completely overgrown and you wouldn’t even know a sidewalk was there and that’s one of the biggest concerns because the students are forced to go into the street and share the roadway with the vehicles,”says Danville Senior Planner, Tyson Terhune. 

Carl Silvey has lived on the corner of Griffin and Maple for the past 50 years. 

“Anybody driving down the road along through here. It’s a little rough,” says Carl Silvey 

In front of his home is a busy area for students walking to after school programs or going home; but the crosswalk doesn’t even exist.

This grant would help the city put a brick paved crosswalk in to bring attention to the busy walking area.  
Sandi Turner also lives in the neighborhood.

“It’s a very safe environment. We have runners also and we have a couple ladies who walk daily in the area so I know it’s a hindrance for them as well,” says Sandi Turner.

The $200,000 grant could help more than just the students in the area. 

“On top of that you’ve got the Boys n Girls Club down the street from there, Garfield Park is right down the street from there, Fair Oaks housing complex is down there. There’s a lot of traffic between all of these locations mainly from the students but also from the residents,” says Terhune. 

Both Turner and Silvey look forward to the day the sidewalks are improved.

“The potential is great just to begin with but if it could be fixed that would make a big difference,” states Turner.

“I think it would be a big improvement and having a crosswalk here will definitely be a lot safer for the staff that come down here and walk the kids,” states Silvey.

Danville would have to apply by November 19. 

The winners of the grant will be announced in May. 

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