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DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Two leaders in animal feed production, along with the State of Illinois, are announcing plans to bring the world’s largest insect protein production facility to Decatur.

A state press release says it will be owned and operated by the French insect producer Innovafeed and will co-locate with ADM’s corn processing complex in Decatur. It will supply feedstocks, waste heat, and more to ADM as well.

“Together, these investments will bolster Illinois’ access to sustainable agriculture feed supply, while creating new jobs and advancing the growing agriculture industry in Illinois,” the release says.

“InnovaFeed’s decision to bring their first ever international facility and state-of-the-art agriculture technology to Illinois is a vote of confidence for our state, and a win for our farming communities,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “Illinois has always been a global leader in agriculture and technology, and we offer the resources to support this major international expansion – with an educated workforce, proximity to global businesses like ADM, and access to shipping and logistics.

“The investments InnovaFeed is making in Decatur will not only support our thriving agriculture industry – a cornerstone of our economy – but will unlock new well-paying jobs for our communities.”

“We are very pleased to launch this ambitious project, working alongside ADM and Illinois state partners as InnovaFeed expands to provide sustainable solutions to meet the fast-growing demand for insect feed in the US and worldwide,” said InnovaFeed CEO Clement Ray. “Around the world, InnovaFeed is contributing to the emergence of sustainable food systems by developing a pioneering and sustainable industry. Our new operations in Illinois, a global leader and destination for agriculture, will allow us to take the next steps to innovate and grow our business.”

The release says insect feed is growing in popularity as a protein ingredient for agriculture and aquaculture industries. It adds feed demand is reaching an all-time high and “consumers look for food that is sustainably and responsibly grown.”

InnovaFeed is operating two insect production facilities in France, including the current world’s largest insect protein facility.

The Decatur facility will be InnovaFeed’s first international project.

“At a time when the demand for animal feed protein is steadily increasing, insect farming stands out as a true solution for the future,” said Chris Cuddy, ADM senior vice president and president of the company’s Carbohydrate Solutions business. “We’re excited to work with InnovaFeed on this ambitious project, which further expands our participation in the growing market for animal food and feed that comes from responsible, sustainable sources.

“It is a great demonstration of how ADM is expanding its value chain by offering opportunities for collaboration to leading, innovative startups. It is yet another example of how we are constantly identifying new ways to create value from corn, oilseeds and more. And of course, we are extremely proud that we can help bring this new, job-creating project to Decatur, the home of our North American headquarters.”

Construction of the new facility is expected to provide over than 280 direct and 400 indirect jobs in the Decatur region by the second phase.

The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) and the Illinois workNet Center is partnering with InnovaFeed to come up with recruiting strategies and on-the-job training programs.

“DCEO partnered with InnovaFeed through an EDGE agreement to support this large-scale capital investment,” the release says. “Additionally, InnovaFeed will benefit from the Decatur-Macon County Enterprise Zone and customized incentive opportunities from the City of Decatur and Economic Development Corporation of Decatur-Macon County.”

“Illinois remains open for business, and companies continue to choose Illinois for growth based on our industry strengths, talent, education and access to infrastructure,” said DCEO Director Erin B. Guthrie. “With agriculture a leading industry and employer for communities across our state, these investments by InnovaFeed to bring their one-of-a-kind technology will support our farmers and those who rely upon farms. We look forward to partnering with the company on ensuring our local residents have access to jobs and economic opportunity created by this exciting new project in Decatur.”

Their goal is to begin constructing the facility next year 2021, and it will be done in two phases. When complete, the plant’s goal is to annually produce 60,000 metric tons of animal feed protein derived from a nutritious fly called Hermetia Illucens.

The plant will also annually produce 20,000 metric tons of oils for poultry and swine rations, and 400,000 metric tons of fertilizer.

“The city of Decatur is pleased to partner with InnovaFeed to bring this unique and innovative facility to our community,” said Decatur Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe. “Not only will this project fuel both direct and indirect job creation, but it affirms that our best prospects for creating new jobs are in the agri-business sector, in partnership with our existing businesses, in a city that is an ideal place for groundbreaking advanced manufacturing.

“ADM, the State of Illinois, the Economic Development Corporation of Decatur-Macon County, and the City of Decatur worked together to bring this plant to Decatur. Our concierge approach results in joint incentive opportunities to support InnovaFeed’s infrastructure and operational needs.”

The plant will be designed to produce insect protein with the lowest carbon footprint on the market.

By being co-located with ADM’s Decatur corn complex, there will be complementary infrastructure that will allow ADM to directly provide corn by-products to supply InnovaFeed’s insect rearing process, as well as waste heat and steam.

“This collaborative operational model will enable the Innovafeed facility to reduce CO2 emissions by 80 percent versus standalone production,” the release says.

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