City approves additional bids for drainage improvements project

Local News

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — At a meeting Tuesday night, Champaign councilmembers approved two more contracts for the demolition of several homes in the Garden Hills subdivision.

The bids, totaling $70,550, will go to S. Shafer Excavating Inc. for three homes on Hedge Road ($28,300) and Ezell Excavating Inc. for five homes on Hedge Road ($42,250).

The drainage project is intended to stop flooding by constructing a new stormwater detention basin along the north side of Hedge Road between Mattis Avenue and Hedge Court. The project, years in the making, required the acquisition and demolition of 46 properties along the north side of Hedge Road and one along Joanne Lane. All 47 have been acquired. 36 have been demolished. One is a vacant lot that does not require demolition. Once the latest round of demolitions is complete, only two homes will be left to take care of.

The basin may not be built until 2030, in order to keep the cost to taxpayers lower.

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