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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — While many are busy buying Christmas gifts for friends and families, an organization in Urbana is making sure one group of people isn’t forgotten this holiday. 

In the hustle and bustle of Christmas, seniors who don’t have a family can get cast aside. A woman at the Bradley Learning Center doesn’t want to let that happen, so she’s gathering gifts to give to them. 

Holly York says, “I’ve just always liked seniors. There’s just something about them and the stories they tell.” She  has a special kind of love for the elderly. With Christmas just a few weeks away, she wondered who’s going to fill their stockings.

York says, “The sad thing is these seniors have worked all their lives. Now that they don’t work or are unable to work, they’re not able to afford the basic things.” She found many of them live in nursing homes and don’t have families to share their lives with anymore. Without that, some may miss out on the happiness that Christmas brings. So York plans to bring some joy right to their doorsteps. 

She says, “They wanted crossword puzzles, candy, Pepsi, socks. It’s always little things that they want or things they can’t afford because they live off of $ 30 a month.”  

So far she has a list of 70 seniors to get gifts for. But for her, this means more than names on a list. She says, “There are so many reasons why I do it. I’ve lost both my grandparents.” Her tears are a reminder of how much they mean to her. Now she’s finding new people to share that love with. The weekend before Christmas, York will take all the wrapped presents and deliver them to their homes.

People are pitching in to help her buy the things they asked for. Kelly Green says, “Someone is thinking about them and wants to do something nice for them at least once a year.” 

It’s always nice to get a gift. York says giving is what makes her happy. She hopes to share that happiness with each and every one of the seniors she meets this year. 

So far people in the community have volunteered to sponsor the seniors and buy them gifts, and you can too. If you want to be a part of it or donate items you can drop them off at the Bradley Learning Center or email Holly York for information: 

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