Christensen’s ex-wife takes stand

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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — New details are emerging in the Yingying Zhang case now that Brendt Christensen’s “now” ex-wife took the stand.

Christensen is accused of kidnapping and killing the UI scholar. Christensen’s ex-wife was in court Tuesday because the defense has been fighting several motions to suppress evidence in his trial.

Some of it comes from the night authorities first searched the entire apartment, but the ex-wife’s story did not align with the story several FBI agents and a UI Police officer gave Monday.

The difference in Michelle Zortman’s story and that of the FBI agents ultimately comes down to timing. Zortman claims the FBI started searching her apartment without asking her.

The FBI says that’s not true. They used time stamped pictures from that night to show their timeline.

The defense also claims the FBI knew they wanted to separate the couple to get her alone and question her. Both Zortman and the FBI have said Zortman advised Christensen to go with police and cooperate…. leaving her alone with them.

She also testified she was willing to cooperate with the FBI to prove her innocence. She actually gave them more information then what they were asking. She told them about a green duffle bag Christensen bought, as well as a social media account. The fbi later said some of the comments he had made on that site were about serial killers.

But Zortman also may have been helping Christensen after he was arrested. She said on the stand she deleted several of his social media accounts after he asked her to, including two dating sites and the online account that had the comments about the serial killers.
The judge said he needs two weeks to rule over the motion.

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